It’s ME

I am always learning new things and renewing my knowledge.

I am Interface Designer (UI), full stack developer (PHP, Java, MySQL, Angular, React, HTML, Sass, etc) and marketing analyst (SEO, SEM, Social Media, and trainer). These are my qualifications to understand the multi-stages and meanings of a project.

I have been working with web and desktop development for 10 years ago, developing systems from the database structure (modeling) to the interface. In the last 5 years, I have been involved in mobile/web development.

In the last 3 years, I have specialized in front-end and usability, since then I have developed projects with UX methods and designed better experiences to applications, sites, systems, and services.


I have projecting better experiences for mobile and web applications, based on ergonomic skills, usability, and design human-centered methodologies. I using some methods for scenarios and behavior studies of personas.

I make projects for interfaces using prototype and test-based methods. In my process for work, I build from low to high-fidelity prototype, and wireframes, user flow and others methods with tools to document the projects. I use some tools like Figma, Adobe XD, InVision and Axure RP. I like to start sketching in a paper before build in a digital tool.

I ever develop projects thinking for key performance indicators (KPIs) for analysis.


Keywords: mobile, ui, ux, wireframe


I have developed interfaces using libraries and frameworks like SCSS, jQuery, Angular JS and React (JS and Native). I have study strongly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (ES5).

I do know SEO and I build the interface projects for web thinking what too easy for navigate there is, and to be the easy find for the searches robots. I am strongly worried about the interface performance, and I every time choose methods to easy maintenance.


Keywords: css3, html5, javascript, seo


I am full-stack developer, and I know to work from database modeling to interfaces concept. In my experiences, including, but not limited to, MySQL, using Workbench for modeling, PostgreSQL, and some programming languages for back-end and front-end.

In the code of an application, I usually build with PHP (using CakePHP framework), and I know Java SE/EE. I know to developing using APIs Rest consuming XML or JSON too.

I am a developer with more than 10 years of practice, developed a lot of projects for desktop, web and mobile applications.


Keywords: api, java, mysql, php, xml

App Elevesaude (challenge)

Job Description

This is a concept for a challenge to building for health lifestyle mobile app. There are simple questions about reports, but I suggested the gamification concept for interface and interaction to engage customer into points and goals.

Methods and tools

  • Personas e Scenarios;
  • Gamification;
  • User flow;
  • Axure RP;
  • Photoshop;

App companies guide: Litoral do Cabo

Job description

Mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, developed on demand to SEBRAE Mata Sul (PE/BR). The project was included in projects for 2014 Mundial Soccer Cup. There are pieces of information about companies along the Cabo de Santo Agostinho beaches for tourists. It is a guide for “where to eat” and “where to sleep”.

Methodologies and tools

  • Similarly analysis
  • Card Sorting
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile
  • ed Adobe Phonegap.

Chatbot Challenge Restaurant

Job Description

This is a challenge to job applicants about UX. In that case, this company works with chatbot make.

There is one simple description:

“A company customer has owned a restaurant and wish to make a chatbot to customer service. Using the Facebook Messenger platform, make the solution to solve this process and engage their customers”.


Methods and tools

  • Personas;
  • Scenarios based;
  • User flow and watching the behavior;
  • Axure RP;
  • Facebook Messenger Docs;

Amadeus LMS

Job Description

The Amadeus project is a public software (Brazilian software) developed by researchers and partners (UFPE, UNIVASF, and Governmental Education Department). Amadeus is a content manager for online blended learning. This is a version 1.0.0, available in March/2018.

Methodology and Tools

  • Similarly competitors analysis;
  • User research and test for usability;
  • Wireframe, user flow, and medium fidelity prototype.
  • Tools: Axure RP, Illustrator, InVision, and Material Design Guideline.